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The world is changing. Can those who seek to maintain peace change with it?


3_STEP is a closed RPG community, done in an epistolary style of communication - that is, letters between the main canon characters of Gundam Wing. Being a closed game, means you are more than welcome to watch, but not able to respond to any of the posts, as we'd like to keep it in character.

3_STEP is currently auditioning for the following characters:

- Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft
- Midi Une
- Lucrezia Noin

To audition for one or more of these roles, please send an email to worldandspacecouncil @ yahoo.ca (removing the spaces, of course :D), and give us the following info:

- Name/Pename
- The character you're auditioning for
- Any past role-play experience you've had, with links, if possible -- if you've never rp'd before, don't worry about it! It's for our benefit only. :)
- After that, we'd like to see a mock-post done in the style of the RPG. Minimum 200 words, so we can get a good grasp of the character, and you may either address it to the community at large, as some characters do, or you may address it to a specific character - don't worry about being cohesive with information in the game at this point unless you want to - we're more interested in your writing style!

More roles may open up later on -so please check back here for more info. Thanks very much, and enjoy the game!