Duo Maxwell (2nd_movement) wrote in 3_step,
Duo Maxwell

TO: Network Members


Thought I'd fill you in, since Field Major Prick and Chang McSleepy are currently elsewhere and not able to:

a) keep me from work by insisting I'm still a weak, feminine invalid apparently incapable of filing triplicate forms on the engineering trade on L3


b) freak me out by saying a maximum of maybe two or three one-syllable words a day while staring blankly into the bottom of his half-eaten soupbowl.

That was, of course, respectively. My, here on L2-XTCH459, we certainly are a cheery bunch!

So, the kerfuffle on MoonBase took approximately 49 hours and six minutes (if you want to be specific), until Viceroy managed to get Minister Yao on the vidcell to speak in person to General Wolfe (who, by the way, certainly doesn't remind me of a specific blonde brother of a very high-up government official. Not at all. Except he does, in that totally 'I will fuck your shit up, shorty' kinda way). Wolfe stepped down on the "security measures", and took off for Luxembourg, where I'm hoping Yao at least tried to rip him a new one for pulling that kind of shit in front of all the relocated colonists. Like they didn't have enough on their plate as it were, without 100 armed WSCAF troops barging in. Apparently, they caught the guy they were looking for on MoonBase, who ended up was actually hiding out in some mud hut on the coast of Vladivostok. Oh yeah, guys, you were close.

MoonBase's under Prev. control again, under temporary-Commander Nichols. Wufei said she's "capable", which, coming from him, even like this, is something and a half.

I'm flying into Luxembourg for some Head Table meetings next week - Major's "orders" permitting, of course. Trowa, are you going to be there? I seem to remember Quatre being mentioned at some point? I'd like to chew a few with you, if you'd have the time?

Colony Representative, WSC
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