Trowa Barton (third_movement) wrote in 3_step,
Trowa Barton

SECURE: Relena Darlian-Peacecraft


I fear I must come to you in this time of great strain to ask you for help. While Quatre has been doing very well in handling his duties, he is failing to do the few necessities of life. He barely eats, save when force him to, and I don't believe he's slept more than a few hours this past week.

I know about what has been going on at the NZ at the Moon Base recently - Quatre has been gracious enough to keep me informed on that. But I fear that I am still a bit out of the loop when it comes to most other matters. This is not from a lack of trying, believe me, but I still feel I'm not being told everything.

This seems to have gotten a bit off in my plea for help. I ask you to help me lighten this burden that Quatre carries and to help me stay informed about the goings on in the solar system.

I thank you in advance for any help you can give at this time.

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