metro_nome (metro_nome) wrote in 3_step,

SECURE: Duo Maxwell


It is my understanding that you were one of the last to speak to Wufei before he relocated to parts unknown.

I would like to obtain both his and your input regarding MoonBase. It will be difficult to prevent similar incidents without a thorough investigation regarding the events leading up to what happened while Wufei was stationed there. At present I am relying on written reports and second hand summaries, and I hesitate to allow those to influence my perception just yet.

I also would like to reach Wufei for reasons unrelated to Preventers' business, but I do not expect you to betray any confidences, should you know of his whereabouts. However, if you wouldn't mind passing along the message that I wish to speak with him, at his convenience, I would appreciate it.

Please let me know when you are available, yourself, for an informal debriefing. I suspect there is more going on than the typed reports in front of me are letting on.

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