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Attention H. Yuy, R. Darlian-Peacecraft [authorization code 000****/approved] has requested this transcript: __ video cell, government network via R. Darlian-Peacecraft___ be uploaded to the network. The time and date of orginal recording is __October 2, AC206, 23:30__

[excerpt start]

R. Darlian-Peacecraft: [pauses, adjusts papers] Now, the basic requirements of the employment, Mr. Barton. [smiles] It requires a residence in Luxembourg, in my own official home, with no deduction taken from pay for board, as it is an official, Government-sponsored position. You will be registered to contact officials as needed and arrange and accompany me on meetings as I specify, and will be authorized to carry an armed weapon at all times, unless otherwise specified. Any concerns or questions so far?

T. Barton: [nods] Not so far. Please continue.

R. Darlian-Peacecraft: [nods] I understand you may have a commitment to Mr. Winner over a longer period of time, and I am willing to make certain concessions based on his needs if you see fit, whether they be a long-term working agreement, or allowing Mr. Winner permanent or temporary residence near or in Luxembourg if it fits his needs. I would not, after all, want to cut off a connection with one of his closest friends.

T. Barton: [smiles] That would be wonderful, Miss Relena. I will speak to Quatre about his living situations before we make any specific arrangements.

R. Darlian-Peacecraft: [nods] You will also have access to certain secure files about the conduct of some government members, in order for you to better brief yourself for certain meetings and arrangements, but I will have Heero contact you about those, personally. Will you be available in the next week for a conference with him and myself?

T. Barton: [nods] Of course. I will also contact Heero before the meeting to work out a few things between the two of us personally.

R. Darlian-Peacecraft: [pauses, raises an eyebrow, nods] Of course, Mr. Barton. And any other assistance you may need, don't hesitate to call.

T. Barton: Thank you, Miss Relena. [pauses] Is there anything else I should know about this position before I take it?

R. Darlian-Peacecraft: Only that there is a risk to your person, Mr. Barton, as I'm sure you already know. Though, I know, and am fully aware of your competence in such matters, and I'm sure you have no qualms about it?

T. Barton: None whatsoever. I am fully capable of taking care of myself - and you as well, if the situation calls for it.

R. Darlian-Peacecraft: [smiles, straightens] I am confident that you are, Mr. Barton. Thank you for your time, tonight.

T. Barton: [nods, smiles] You are very welcome Miss Relena. I look forward to seeing you again in person.

[excerpt end]

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