Dorothy Catalonia (countermeasures) wrote in 3_step,
Dorothy Catalonia

SECURE: Chang Wufei


I have found you a placement. It is the small village of Zhougdian in Eastern China, close to The Plateau of Tibet. You will be working in the village's monastery run school, teaching mostly general, traditional subjects. However, I have been led to believe that some more modern lessons would be happily accepted by the students. You may also be called on to teach English occasionally.

Your accommodation will be reasonably spacious rooms (main living room, bedroom, kitchen and small bathroom) within the school. You will be expected to abide by monastery rules, but will not be forced to in any religious matters, of course.

You start in a week. I have booked shuttle seats for you on Sunday, and travel arrangements further.

It appears I will be returning to Luxembourg Saturday Evening. If you need any company before then, I am available. If not, then good luck.


Dorothy Catalonia.
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