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SECURE: Duo Maxwell

Dear Duo,

I will not take too much of your time. I know how precious it is. I just wanted a moment to say thank you for everything you and Heero have done in these past few weeks. I have always thought you two made a good team, and, now more than ever, while the rest of the world shakes, your resolve comes as good cheer.

I know too that Wufei must be very grateful that you took him in. I can only imagine what it must be like to be that helpless, to be trying so hard to ensure all one's work is not lost on trivialities, on simple human selfishness, and to feel a failure for it. Wufei's ideals are very strong, and very beautiful. He tries too hard, though.

I think he is afraid of dying a failure - to himself and to his people. It is sad that a man who has accomplished so much can be so agitated, but some hurts are deeper, I suppose. Some losses, too. But even when he thinks himself a failure in these ways we can still remind him how much we care, how much of a success we think him. And that, I feel, is beautiful, too.

So, again, thank you, Duo. If he weren't with two of the most capable human beings I know, I would worry tremendously. As it stands, however, I know he is in good hands, and we five of us will never break from our bonds.

Send me a message sometime, Duo. I am eager to hear how you are, and how the world is finding you. Be safe, and be well. And tell Heero and Wufei hello for me. I miss talking to them too.


Quatre R. W.
Company President, L4
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