4th_movement (4th_movement) wrote in 3_step,

SECURE: Trowa Barton

Dear Trowa,

I'm not mad, Trowa. It was a very considerate suggestion, and I always appreciate that you are concerned for my welfare. Your friendship means a great deal to me. Please understand that.

If it seems I have not made enough time for you as of late, you are likely correct. With this refugee situation, and the pressing need to ensure Miss Relena's safety these days, and the changing dynamic in the World and Space Council, I have just found myself rather tied up. But that can be amended, I'm sure.

Perhaps a nice walk tomorrow, sometime in the afternoon? I suspect we could both use the opportunity to rest. In the meantime, be well. I had hoped we were above such wasteful emotions. I am sorry to see I have somehow hurt you without meaning to do anything of the sort.


Quatre R.W.
Company President, L4
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