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TO: Quatre Rebarba Winner, Relena Darlian-Peacecraft

Winner, Viceroy:

We have a situation among the refugees. Or, rather, a situation was made between the refugees. "For their own safety, and for the safety of the World Earth Sphere and Colonies" was the justification I was given by the commanding officer of the troops who then took up guard positions around the camps.

I repeat: there are unauthorized men in my hangars. There are unauthorized men on my training grounds. There are unauthorized men securing bunks from MY MEN.

This is Preventers territory - Preventers jurisdiction - and this will not be tolerated. And so I ask one of you most kindly to tell General Wolfe to withdraw the WSC Armed Forces from the perimeter or I will have them removed myself.

Commander W. Chang
MoonBase Ops, Preventers
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